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A new frontier: Specializing in Zero-Dose Child Immunization Analysis Across Africa

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MERQ Consultancy, in collaboration with UNICEF ESARO, employs advanced
epidemiological methodologies and expertise to address critical public health
challenges. Over recent months, our focus has been on enhancing vaccine coverage
by conducting an in-depth Zero-Dose (ZD) child immunization analysis in Eastern
and Southern Africa. This initiative underscores our role as a pivotal partner in
public health interventions.

The objectives of the Zero-Dose Immunization Analysis are designed to tackle
several essential areas. Initially, our efforts are directed towards gaining a
comprehensive understanding of the immunization landscape to thoroughly
address the challenges encountered by Zero-Dose children. This involves
generating robust evidence that can inform and refine immunization strategies and
operational decisions within the targeted countries. Furthermore, our goal is to
develop actionable recommendations based on our analyses, aimed at enhancing
immunization programs and reducing Zero-Dose incidences. Lastly, we aim to
create advocacy products that underscore critical findings and propose policy
actions to influence immunization practices and improve child health outcomes.


Map of south eastern Africa Detailed Country Analyses: Successfully completed rigorous ZD analyses for Tanzania, Madagascar, Somalia, Kenya, Burundi, and South Sudan, providing insights into immunization challenges and inequities.

Quality Reporting and Policy Impact: Generated comprehensive reports and policy briefs that have actively informed and transformed immunization policy and practice in these regions.

Effective Stakeholder Engagement: Conducted multiple dissemination and consultative sessions to enhance stakeholder understanding and support for proposed health interventions.

Extended Scope Due to Exemplary Performance: Awarded additional contracts for Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and South Africa due to our outstanding methodological execution and impact.

Through this strategic activity, MERQ Consultancy not only seeks to contribute significantly to the reduction of vaccine-preventable diseases but also to strengthen health systems in vulnerable regions. By collaborating closely with governmental and non-governmental organizations, we ensure that our findings and recommendations are integrated into broader health initiatives, thus maximizing the impact of our efforts on public health.

Collaboration Opportunities

MERQ is eager to extend its expertise to other organizations and governments interested in conducting similar analyses in Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) and other public health and social programs. We are fully equipped and ready to collaborate on projects that aim to improve public health outcomes through:

  • Epidemiological Surveys and Data Analysis
  • Health System Strengthening
  • Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • Program Evaluation and Strategic Planning
  • Innovations and proof of concept

Work with us!

At MERQ Consultancy PLC, our commitment to public health is demonstrated by our rigorous approach to immunization analysis and the actionable outcomes of our projects. We look forward to partnering with all interested entities to further enhance public health initiatives and create a healthier future for communities across Africa.

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