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April 19, 2024


health care worker administering vaccine
MERQ Consultancy, in collaboration with UNICEF ESARO, employs advancedepidemiological methodologies and expertise to address critical public healthchallenges. Over recent months, our focus has been on enhancing vaccine coverageby conducting an in-depth Zero-Dose (ZD) child immunization analysis in Easternand Southern Africa. This initiative underscores our role as a pivotal partner inpublic health interventions. The objectives of...
raising hand
Creative Associates International (CAI) is currently engaged in a four-year USAID-funded Civic Engagement Project, aimed at enhancing inclusive governance and empowering citizens. This project, known as the Ethiopia Civic Engagement Project, strives to augment the collective capability of civic and community-based actors to participate in policy research, advocacy, discussion, and collective action for peaceful, democratic...