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MERQ as consultancy firm prides itself in providing expertise in evidence-based generation by conducting rigorous research activities ranging, but not limited to, from project and program evaluations to formative and baseline assessments. Our work is conducted collaboratively with the clients and other stakeholders across both public and private sectors.


We have 3 offices across the globe and have worked with more than 20+ organizations to help them generate evidence factoring in local contexts for effective program initiations and implementation. The research undertaken at MERQ combines both quantitative and qualitative approaches to provide a broad view and meaningful understanding of any research inquiry and help health and social development experts provide needed services to targeted communities.

Project Evaluation and Assessments

We ensure that data is clearly understood and utilized to inform decisions based on available resources, local political, socio-economic contexts, and human resource capacities. Our evaluations have been conducted in the health, education, and social protection sectors.

We can conduct evaluations and assessments of projects and programs to highlight their impact on the targeted communities by underlining the strengths and weaknesses of implemented activities.

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure data gathered is interpreted into impactful and measurable program activities that have a positive influence on the community.

Research and Scientific Inquiries

We conduct research activities that extend from design and publication to following up on recommendations. MERQ has developed the human resources and infrastructure needed to effectively conduct high-quality research. We facilitate the proper design and conduct of research by employing rigorous and pragmatic methods involving community- and health facility-based data sources, electronic data collection and quality assurance, robust data analysis, collaborative synthesis of evidence, and recommendation formulation. We support our clients in the operationalization of recommendations and production of publications targeting scientific communities and decision makers. We also provide study monitoring services where we independently verify adherence to protocols and procedures.

Surveys, data collection and management

We have a network of trained and experienced data collectors to assist in the process of in-person and telephone surveys. This is done through the recruitment and training of data collectors and supervisors.

Data handling and management are done through MERQ’s advanced data management system, including high-level experts in data management, data collection, and storage infrastructure i.e. a central server with reliable connectivity, updated data collection, and management software, and a data security system.

Monitoring and evaluation design

We support organizations to enhance their monitoring systems to collect useful data to help in the general performance and improvement of implementation activities.

We do this by building, developing, and building off systems that are able to capture and create data visuals to communicate clearly with decision-makers and implementers. We also improve already present monitoring systems rather than starting development from scratch.

Implementation research and practice

We recognize that there are existent evidence-policy and evidence-practice gaps, affecting program implementation across LMIC’s, we also recognize that well designed and executed implementation research and practice can help narrow this gap.

MERQ is home to experienced global implementation research experts, and can provide a vast array of services including the development of implementation research proposals, conducting participatory implementation research as well as co-creation/adaptation of evidence-based interventions and capacity building in the arena of implementation research and practice.

Service quality improvements

We support healthcare programs and facilities in the establishment and effective functioning of internal quality measurement and improvement processes. Our services in this area include developing a quality improvement strategy, facilitating the establishment of a quality management infrastructure, supporting quality measurement (including conducting patient satisfaction assessments and clinical audits), and providing coaching for the implementation of quality improvement cycles.

We can build the capacity of staff to ensure that health facilities can run internal quality improvement processes on their own. MERQ also supports health institutions in accreditation processes.

Training and capacity building

We provide dynamic trainings focused on health and social issues through its affiliation with training facilities and higher education institutes of different capacities and amenities to enable the provision of comprehensive capacity building services.

We can provide trainings to individuals and groups interested in acquiring substantial knowledge and skills in the areas of research design, data analysis, program/project evaluation, leadership, project design and management, and quality improvement in relation to health and health-related issues.

We also develop and contextualize training materials and provide training based on the clients’ needs and within their time and available resources.

Grant Management Services

Relying on our extensive experience of managing grants and resources to execute projects, we provide a diverse set of grant management services. Our services include financial performance management and risk management as well as helping organizations publish accurate and timely financial reports and documentations.

We help ensure effective governance and oversight over donor agreements, and compliance with existing policy and procedures for effective internal control, compliance, and risk management and facilitate regular financial review and learning processes when required.

We can undertake risk assessment and due diligence checks, preparation of grant agreements, grant administration, provide capacity strengthening training, financial and narrative reports reviews and ensure compliance requirements are met.

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