Transforming Health & Society with Evidence-based Insights
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MERQ Australia

MERQ Australia

About us

We are a vibrant team of experts dedicated to transforming the implementation of evidence-based interventions that can improve health and wellbeing of human beings and their environment.


Our transdisciplinary team is part of the global network of implementation researchers and can deliver on your needs online and/or face-to-face. As part of Global MERQ, MERQ Australia closely works with MERQ offices in Africa and USA.


Transforming the implementation of health policies and programs


We transform the implementation of health policies and programs by generating quality evidence, strengthening implementation research capacity, and providing technical support for the effective design and implementation of health policies and programs.


MERQ Australia’s work is underpinned by a set of core values namely:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Focus on Utilization

Serving communities and Global Organizations

We work with local and international organizations in pursuit of pragmatic and rigorous practice of evidence generation, program design and capacity building. We provide highly practical training in implementation research. We also provide technical support in designing, conducting, and translating implementation research, program specific evaluations and quality improvement. We have a transdisciplinary team to meet your needs. We have access to a large pool of experts in areas ranging from health care financing to clinical trialists and world class evaluation experts.

Our Service

When we provide services, we follow the principle of clarity, responsiveness and professionalism. We make sure what is being expected of us is clearly understood, we then respond to the needs of our clients, and we make sure the services we offered are offered at the highest professional standard possible. The service areas we are currently offering are:

Short-term Training

We provide short-term training on important areas of the implementation of health policies and programs. We tailor our training to meet your needs. The customization goes to timing, specific needs and tailored examples during the training.

Technical Support

Our implementation science experts are available to provide you with technical support to design and conduct implementation research for your projects. You will lead it; we shall support you.


Should you have an implementation research question; we shall generate the required evidence to answer it. We apply the principles of co-creation, co-design, and co-production in conducting implementation research. In collaboration with the other offices and using the global network of experts at our disposal, we also offer program evaluation and quality improvement focused consultancy services.


We aspire to produce state-of-the-art toolkits, technical guides, and other materials on core areas of implementation science. Given the fact that the different country offices collaborate in sharing technical and other resources, MERQ Australia enjoys the opportunity of tapping from the existing resources in all aspects.

Our five areas of focus

  • Adaptation of interventions
  • Implementation research
  • Quality improvement
  • Sustainability of health programs
  • Scale-up of effective interventions

Evidence generation

We design, lead, and/or support implementation research projects that can generate high-quality evidence that can inform the implementation of health policies and programs in low- and middle-income countries.


We work with policymakers, program implementers, health practitioners, researchers, and community representatives at all stages of implementation research.

The MERQ-Australia – a pragmatic choice for implementation research and beyond.