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MERQ Consultancy is a leading global research and development firm with over a decade of experience and impact in evidence generation, monitoring and evaluation and program management in health and social sectors in Africa, with companies in Ethiopia, USA, Rwanda and Australia.

MERQ is an acronym for Monitoring Evaluation Research and Quality Improvement, congruent to that, the organization provides services ranging from all aspects of project monitoring & evaluation, research & scientific inquiries, capacity building and strategic planning, to quality improvement of health and social services.

MERQ Global Coordination Center

What started with humble beginnings in an office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has currently transformed into a global operation with sister companies in USA, Rwanda and Australia, making MERQ the optimal gateway for global scientific research and project collaborations
The MERQ Global Coordination Center was established as a platform to synergize the business development and execution efforts of the country offices for efficient utilization of resources and maximal impact.

Composed of a high caliber multi-disciplinary team, the center aims to build on the distinct capabilities of the country offices and identify unique opportunities for growth and learning through collaboration, effective professional engagement and strategic discourse.

With the human resources, technical capacity, and physical infrastructure capability that we have built over the last eight years, we believe we have become a pragmatic choice for research, implementation, capacity building, quality improvement and program evaluations in Africa.

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Our Expertise

Our Team

Across our offices, we have a core team of professionals with a very diverse set of expertise and backgrounds including evaluation, health systems research, quality improvement, health information systems, data management, RMNCH, health economics, psychology, clinical trials, implementation research, digital solutions, quantitative and qualitative research.

We also have a global pool of experts affiliated with international universities, organizations, and freelancers who are readily available to respond to the increasing demand for our services.

Alula Teklu

Alula M. Teklu

Chair, MERQ Global Coordination Center
Yibeltal Alemayehu

Yibeltal Alemayehu

CEO, MERQ Ethiopia
Tsega Hagos

Tsega Hagos Mirach

Managing Director, MERQ Rwanda
Tilahun Haregu

Tilahun Haregu

Director, MERQ Australia
Frehiwot Bekele

Frehiwot Bekele

Compliance and Client Relations Advisor
Samuel Zemenfeskudus

Samuel Zemenfeskudus

Consultant, Health System Strengthening

Mulu Woldegiorgis

Secretary, MERQ Australia

Nicholas Mugabi

Business Development Consultant, MERQ Rwanda

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