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MERQ Rwanda

Geographic Coverage

East African Geographic Area

MERQ established a sister company in 2021 in Rwanda with the goal of being a hub for MERQ’s operations in the East African Community and the Great Lakes Regions. Our office is located in the vibrant downtown Kigali.

MERQ Rwanda office
Delivering Quality Researches

Our Vision and Values

Through rigorous and pragmatic Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Quality improvement, we generate robust evidence to inform decisions that ultimately improve health and wellbeing.

MERQ aspires to become a leading institute in evidence generation and capacity strengthening for health and social sciences in Africa.

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Geographic Coverage

While this office covers the broader Eastern African geographic area, the services will focus on the countries Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, South Sudan and Tanzania. This area is characterized by a large population, with several development challenges and opportunities. The countries have large reserves of different natural resources, but they still remain behind in social development and access to essential services from most parts of the world. Moreover, there are different socio-political issues that have resulted in recurrent conflict and humanitarian crisis.

Market outlook

All the above contextual factors create a high demand for evidence generation, capacity building and other technical services in different sectors, which are currently being provided by several organizations and individuals alike on non-profit and private for-profit basis.

Our Expertise

With a core team of public health, social science, global health and health economics experts and access to teams in other offices as well as global network of consultants, the MERQ Rwanda Hub offers a unique set of skills to address your needs for evidence generation and capacity building in Rwanda and the broader East Africa Region.
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Our Service

We provide individual, team, and organizational development and management services of which training, quality improvement, research, monitoring and evaluation are our priority service areas.

Training and Capacity Building

Depending on clients specific need, we provide trailored trainings in the areas of research design, data analysis, program/project evaluation, strategic planing, leadership, project design and management, and quality improvement in relation to health and health-related issues.

Research and Publication

We conduct research activities from inception to dissemination and following up on recommendations. We employee rigorous and pragmatic methods involving community- and health facility-based data sources, electronic data collection and quality assurance, robust data analysis, collaborative synthesis of evidence, and recommendation formulation.

Program Design and Implementation

We help organizations design impactful programs and projects based on evidence as well strengthen their implementation process . We provide technical support for organizations identify and interpret evidence in various health and social sectors to inform on program development that is responsive and meets the needs of targeted populations. 

Evidence Synthesis

Considering the existing evidence-practice gaps, we provide services on synthesis of existing datasets or published evidence to support better decision making. Evidence synthesis is conducted through participatory and rigorous process of data source mapping, extraction of data/information, and synthesis.

Quality Measurement and Improvement

We provide services on developing a quality improvement strategy, facilitating the establishment of a quality management infrastructure, supporting quality measurement (including conducting patient satisfaction assessments and clinical audits), and providing coaching for the implementation of quality improvement cycles.

Development of Documents

We develop system level documents such as Standard Operational Procedures, manuals, protocols and guidelines for its clients based on up-to-date evidence. These services are provided as either an extension of evidence generation projects or a stand-alone service based on the needs of clients.

Organizing Events

We organize trainings, conferences, seminars, and scientific exhibitions. We also coordinate the design and development of content and publications for the events.