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Through rigorous and pragmatic Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Quality improvement, we generate robust evidence to inform decisions that ultimately improve health and wellbeing.



MERQ aspires to become a leading institute in evidence generation and capacity strengthening for health and social sciences in Africa.



  1. Rigor in design and implementation 
  2. Integrity and Independence
  3. Utilization-focused 
  4. Continuous learning
  5. Collaboration
  6. Inquisitiveness
Our Expertise

MERQ engages in many areas which call for pragmatic and rigorous methods.

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Research and scientific inquiries

Project evaluation and assessments

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Monitoring and evaluation design

Surveys, data collection and management

Service quality improvements

Implementation research and practice

Training and capacity building

Grant Management Services

Project development and implementation

MERQ can lead or collaborate

Adherent to the principles of collaboration, partnership and participatory scientific inquiries, we have worked in partnership with multiple organizations, public agencies, private as well as non-governmental organizations and various teaching and research institutions in areas of evidence generation and capacity building.

If you are thinking of conducting research, scientific inquiries, or carrying out implementation science projects in Sub Saharan Africa, or beyond, contact us and we will be prompt in responding.

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Why Customers Choose Us

Utilization focused approach

We take time to understand your needs and with the end and utilization in mind, we strive to exceed your expectations via our participatory and responsive approach

World class execution of activities

We use internationally recognized methods while making sure our approaches are pragmatic enough for local contexts

HIghly qualified and experienced staff

Our team is composed of professionals who are at the top of their game in their own areas of expertise always ready to engage with you

Robust research capabilities and infrastructure

We spare no cost to ensure that we get you the right data from the right source by deploying our capable personnel equipped with necessary digital infrastructure

Well established local and global partnerships

When you work with us, you get access to our partner organizations and individuals, making your journey all the more easier

How we helped customers

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Partners and Clients

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What They Say About US

  • The Ministry of Health would like to express its heartfelt appreciation to MERQ for
    conducting HEP assessment that met all our expectaion and beyond. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that MERQ has the proficiency to conduct any large scale study at the national and international level.

    Dr. Lia Tadesse
    Minister, Ministry of Health Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Midwives Association would like to recognize MERQ Consultancy PLC for successfully
    providing research methods training for our staff. The training and follow up support that the MERQ
    team provided has stimulated our staff to be more engaged in research undertakings.

    Yeshitila Tesfaye
    Executive Director, Ethiopian Midwives Association
  • We appreciate MERQ Consultancy PLC, for its unreserved support in digitizing the labor and delivery data including database development, backlog data entry, training of data encoders, and facilitating shift to electronic data management


    Dr Wuletaw Chane
    Chief Clinical Director, Black Lion Hospital
  • MERQ has provided high standard consultancy services to our organization. Their knowledge of the country and their flexibility to respond to our changing needs above all deserve acclaim.


    Dr Mengistu Hailemariam
    Program Director, Center for International Reproductive Health Training (CIRHT)
  • We would loke to express our sincere gratitude for MERQ’s professionalism, competence and enhanced quality to the work they delivered, in a timely manner. MERQ has proven its capacity, use of appropriate expertise, and reliability for designing and implementing large scale reserach and evaluation projects.

    Frehiwot Abebe,
    Director General, Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency
  • Options has appreciated MERQ Consultancy’s thoroughness in understanding the objective of the
    exercise their professional approach and responsiveness which continued through the course of a
    challenging data collection exercise.


    Jimmy Innes
    Head of Africa Programmes, Options Consultancy Services

Seeking evidence to shape and improve your programs? Have research ideas to test? Partner with MERQ, a dynamic organization committed to transforming health and societies through evidence-based solutions.